Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring Has Sprung

Zane & Zoe battle for the ball in scrimmage

Many happenings going on. First, our home church has officially split into 2. This is a good thing meaning that we had grown so much that we needed to divide into 2 groups :) Adam & I will be leading with 2 of our long time friends & senior leaders, Adam & Dawn. It is super exciting for us to be home church leaders for the first time accompanied with a dash of scary thrown in . Along with our leadership roles Adam & I both have leadership classes to take ( & Pass :). I am in Christian Ministry 1 right now, which Adam has already taken. Then we will have 4 more that we will conquer together. LOVE my class ! The teacher rocks and 3 hours passes rather quickly. And lots of LOVE to my super awesome husband who gets the kids shuffled around to soccer Sat. morning . Let me just say this also.... we are so blessed to have SO many wonderful people God has put into our lives to be able to make it possible for us take on this leadership role. It is so true that with Christ ALL things are possible. And he uses the church body in a powerful way to get his work done. NO WAY we could do this balancing act on our own power. NONE ! It is truly an act of God every day!
Soccer is in full swing ! Zane & Zoe officially started their games this week. God was merciful with the soccer schedule. It has been neatly placed MWF, Sat which will not interfere with other commitments. And of course I am ever thankful for the use of the very close playground for the younger 2 although we have already had reported incidents of play ground potty mouth and West Side Story rumbles going on in which my children are the leaders :)
School is slowly rolling on. The older 2 have OAA testing next week and are mortified that I would make them take practice OAA's this week :) when really this is to ease my own selfish motherly worries about testing .Carson & I will be starting to put together his portfolio for the year soon, just waiting to wrap a few more things up . 2 more weeks of Co op and one more scheduled field trip. So, things are winding down in that arena.
Can't wait for summer! Lots of fun and exciting things to look forward to:)

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